An ambisexual person
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AnswerCrossword Clue

An unnamed person


An uncultivated person


An obnoxious person

Person using an entrance.
An awkward, stupid person
SAINTAn exceptionally patient person.
NOBODYHardly an influential person
PHENOMAn exceptional person, slangily
TESTATORPerson with an estate
LITERATELike an educated person
ONERAn unusual person: Colloq.
COOKPerson in an apron
UTAHANPerson like an Osmond
USERPerson with an ID
ONTHEGOLike an active person
PRIESTPerson performing an exorcism
SOAND...-so (an unnamed person).
ACTORPerson in an apron
RARAAVISAn unusual person: Latin.
NARRATORPerson with an account
ONTHEGOSaid of an active person
ANEARWhat an attentive person lends
NOTYETReply to an impatient person
SOANDSOAn unnamed person or thing.
VILEAdjective for an evil person
OPENMINDPossession of an unprejudiced person.
RILEYPerson with an easy life?
TENTGift for an outdoorsy person
INDIGENEPerson native to an area
HEROPerson regarded as an ideal.
LEOPerson with an August beginning?
NOTYETWords to an impatient person
FACETOFACEIn-person, as an interview
ANTSINTHEPANTSWhat an anxious person has?
SOONResponse to an impatient person
EXTROVERTPerson with an objective viewpoint.
DOLLFACEPerson with an unblemished complexion
NOUNPerson in an English class?
PULLWhat an influential person has
ONAIRWhere an elated person walks