Prefix for farming or soil
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Prefix for farming or soil


Prefix meaning "field" or "soil"

AGROPrefix meaning soil or field

Prefix for 'soil'

Prefix for coastal or mural
Prefix for day or week
ALTIPrefix for meter or tude
FOREPrefix for tell or warn
IDEOPrefix for gram or logical
MONOPrefix for gram or tone
PERIPrefix for scope or patetic
ENDOPrefix for blast or carp
TWIPrefix for "light" or "night"
PREPrefix for school or screen
PARAPrefix for chute or graph
ANTEPrefix for cede or date.
INTRAPrefix for mural or venous
ISOPrefix for bar or tope.
ECOPrefix for logy or nomy
OMNIPrefix for bus or science
HEMIPrefix for sphere or cycle
ANTIPrefix for body or tank
SEMIPrefix for sweet or automatic
UNIPrefix for form or corn
ANTIPrefix for social or trust
SURPrefix for name or real
AEROPrefix for plane or space
ACROPrefix for phobia or bat
ANTIPrefix for social or freeze
EPIPrefix for center or dermis
AEROPrefix for drome or gram.
MATRIPrefix for arch or lineal
MIDPrefix for "way" or "wife"
RHEOPrefix for stat or scope
ECTOPrefix for plasm or derm
ECOPrefix for system or type
NEOPrefix for classical or Latin
ENDOPrefix for carp or crine
ANTEPrefix for date or diluvian
AEROPrefix for plane or dynamic