TURACOU an African bird also TOURACO TURACO
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Bird also known as an apteryx


Bird that's also the name of an Irish river


African vine, also called elephant's-foot

Rio de ... (African region also known as Western Sahara)
Bird also called a flycatcher
KOOKABURRABird also called laughing jackass
EMUBird also known as Dromaius novaehollandiae
JACANATropical bird, also called lily trotter
SEADOVEBird also called a black guillemot
SEADOVEBird also known as a little auk
HECHTGymnastics move also called a bird dismount
ORIOLEBird also known as a "hang-nest"
TERNSooty ... (bird also known as a wideawake)
PTARMIGANBird also known as a snow grouse
EMUBird whose name is also the initials of a school in Ypsilanti