an idol also MAUMET MAWMET
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Like an idol

ADOREDLike an idol

Support for an idol


Many an idol worshiper

Flaw in an idol.
Infatuation with an idol
PEDESTALPlace for an idol
SWOONFall for an idol
ONAPEDESTALElevated, as an idol
FALLENDiscredited, as an idol
SWOONReaction to an idol, possibly
PEDESTALWhere an idol is placed
AWEFeeling upon meeting an idol
THETINEARMANEpithet for an "American Idol" loser?
ODEOne might be written to an idol
DREAMYLike an idol for a teen girl, say
ELLENDEGENERESShe replaced Paula Abdul as an "American Idol" judge