Crossword Clue:

seat on a bench

AnswerCrossword Clue
SATWas on a bench
SATParked on a bench
GAVELHammer on a bench
VISEDGripped on a bench
ITOLance on a bench
ETUDEExercise done on a bench
METPlayer on a Queens bench
VISETool on a work bench.
TEAMMATESOnes on a bench together
ETUDEExercise performed on a bench
PIANISTOne working on a bench?
ETUDEExercise done on a bench?
SCOOTSSlides (over), as on a bench
SENDSINCalls on, as a bench player
SLIDOVERMade room on a crowded bench
SIXTHMANFirst substitute on a basketball bench
TEAMMATESThey sit on a bench together
ENBANCLegal term that's French for "on a bench"
ITOHe sits on the bench in L.A.
BASKETBALLFANNYResult of sitting on a court bench too long?