the introduction of something new
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AnswerCrossword Clue

The start of something new?


Something new under the sun.


Introduction of a new factor.

Start of something new
Something New
AFIRSTSomething new
AMSTERDAMSomething New
ADDITIONSomething new.
INNOVATESIntroduce something new
INNOVATEStart something new
INNOVATEIntroduce something new.
INNOVATEIntroduce something new
INNOVATEBegin something new
INNOVATEProduce something new
BRANCHEDOUTTried something new
TESTOUTTry, as something new
EXPOSETOShow, as something new
ADDSTOPuts in something new
ORLEANSSomething new in LA?
RESHAPEMold into something new
TESTAMENTSSomething Old and New
DEALSomething new in '32.
INJECTIntroduce, as something new
ADAPTSAdjusts to something new
ADAPTAdjust to something new
BOREDReady for something new
MUTATEChange into something new
PERMANENTREGISTRATIONSomething new for New Yorkers.
ICALL"Something ... Personality" New Found Glory
TRADEINSomething old for something new
LEAVESomething taken by new parents?
LEAVESomething a new parent might take
COLORSomething new to be added to money.
MERRYSomething to make on New Year's Eve?
TIMESSomething New York and Los Angeles each have