the sound of a bagpipe
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Bagpipe sound

SKIRLBagpipe sound
SKIRLBagpipe sound.

Bad bagpipe sound, figuratively


The sound of a fan

The sound of "A Lost Chord."
The sound of a rolling chord.
AMEN"Like the sound of a great ...."
RESONANTLike the sound of a gong
SHRILLLike the sound of a teakettle
SHRILLLike the sound of a siren
REEDYLike the sound of a clarinet
EERIELike the sound of a theremin
CAWEDMade the sound of a crow
ROARSound of the ocean or a lion
PAHThe other half of a tuba sound
ZAPSound of a mosquito biting the dust
AUDIOOf the sound phase of a broadcast.
THUDSound of a sandbag hitting the ground
RUSTLESound of a willow in the wind
STOPCry after the sound of a bell
TIMECry after the sound of a bell
FSHAPEDLike the sound holes of a cello
FINALBIDPreceder of the sound of a gavel
HICSound caused by a spasm of the diaphragm
SONORANTThe sound of a "w," say, in phonetics
KLOPSound of a horse's hoof on the pavement.
PLOPPEDFell with the sound of a flat dive.
SACKSTerminates the sound of a jazz horn (5)
SPLATSound of a water balloon hitting the ground
MUTEDevice to muffle the sound of a musical instrument.
MUTEDSoftened the sound of a trumpet with a sordine.
SONICOf a speed equal to the speed of sound.
GBPHEDThe sound of a flu-afflicted person's chest (6)
YODELERThe lonely goatherd, in a "Sound of Music" song
BAAAnimal sound at the beginning of a nursery rhyme
BOOREVIEWCritique of the sound effects at a haunted house?
HORNSound that signifies the end of a basketball game
SHOUTIMCONFUSEDTHE SOUND OF MUSIC remake featuring a loud, bewildered fellow?
HORSEAnimal with a sore throat, from the sound of it