Crossword Clue:

to go on a ship again

AnswerCrossword Clue
TAKEANEXTRATURNLand on a "go again" square
RERIGGet (a ship) ready to sail again
REPASSGo by again, as on the road
ALEETo shelter, on a ship
APORTTo the left, on a ship
ASTERNTo the rear, on a ship
SEALEGSAbility to walk on a ship
DECKCHAIRSPlaces to sit on a ship
APORTTo the left side, on a ship
APORTTo the left side on a ship.
TYEMast-to-tackle rope on a ship
TYETackle-to-mast rope on a ship
SICKBAYWhere to find aspirins on a ship
NINCOMPOOPDECKWhere to find a nitwit on a ship?
SEALEGSAbility to keep one's balance on a ship
GANGPLANKBad place to end up on a pirate ship
NIKITACRUISECHEFMoscow V.I.P. who liked to cook on a ship?