Crossword Clue:

without grease

AnswerCrossword Clue
AXLE... grease
LARDCooking grease
TOILElbow grease
LYEGrease dissolver
LUBEGrease job
LUBEGrease up
REOILGrease up again
LUBEGrease monkey's job
DIRTPartner of grease
SCRUBUse elbow grease
AXLEGrease gun's target
LUBEGrease monkey's task
LARDGrease for baking
SCOURUse elbow grease on
SCRUBClean with elbow grease
RAGGrease monkey's pocket item
SCOURClean with elbow grease
LUBOil or grease: Abbr.
DEFATGet the grease out of
JOECup at a grease joint
LUBEJob for a grease monkey
RAGTime for a grease monkey
GRIDDLEPlace for a grease well
SPLATTER... grease in a deep fryer