Crossword Clue:

A system of thought

AnswerCrossword Clue
ESPSubj. of a thought experiment
ONONEHANDStart of a two-part thought
TOLOVEONESELFISStart of a thought by Oscar Wilde
OBSESSIONA lot of thought goes into it
SYNAPSEIt may get fired because of a thought
IDEAIt's a thought
OPINEHave a thought
OPINEVenture a thought
OPINEOffer a thought
OPINEThink a thought
IDEAJust a thought
OPINEExpress a thought
IDEAIt's just a thought
IDEANow there's a thought!
SLEPTONThought about for a while
EERIELike a call from someone one just thought about
DALLASVice president after whom a U.S. city is thought to have been named