Crossword Clue:

ATTICISE to use atticisms also ATTICIZE

AnswerCrossword Clue
SHAWOnly Literature Nobelist also to win an Oscar
CUBS8-Down also-rans to the 39-Across in 1918
TAFTOnly U.S. president also to serve as chief justice
TAPSBegins to use
PLYPut to use
LENDAllow to use
FUNDSMoney to use
ADOPTSDecides to use
ADOPTDecide to use
WHOMTricky pronoun to use
SITSIsn't put to use
ACNEReason to use Clearasil
AVAILSIs of use to
EMPLOYSPuts to good use
SLEETReason to use wipers
AVAILBe of use to
RIOTSOccasions to use pepper?
STEADEDWas of use to
WEBWhere to use a browser
ACNEReason to use Retin-A
OCEANPlace to use an echograph
UPSETSReasons to use Pepto-Bismol
COINBe the first to use
ADAPTABLENot limited to one use
CRAPSTABLEPlace to use a rake
OVENWhere to use Easy-Off
ESPANAPlace to use 27-Across
GLAREReason to use a visor
OVENPlace to use Easy-Off
ATMWhere to use a PIN
LOGEPlace to use a lorgnette
LUAUOccasion to use a cooking pit
WALKAROUNDDecline to use the golf cart?
AROLEHave ... to play (be of use)
OARSWhat some use to ply their craft?
NETWhat the Flying Wallendas refuse to use
INSTINCTYou might not think to use it
KOKOGorilla famously taught to use sign language
VANESomething you always need directions to use?