BACKSTAB to stab in the back
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Stab in the back


Concern in Back to the Future


Villain in "Back to the Future"

Conveyance in "Back to the Future"
Conveyance invented in "Back to the Future"
TALLERMore likely to stand in the back
LEAActress Thompson in "Back to the Future"
TWAS"Used to be," back in the day
MRSANDMANTune heard in "Back to the Future"
PROMClimactic event in "Back to the Future"
LLOYDDoc Brown in "Back to the Future"
DOCMarty's mentor in "Back to the Future"
SKATEBOARDRage created in "Back to the Future"
REWINDGet back to the beginning, in a way
RESETGo back to the beginning, in a way
EARTHANGEL'50s tune heard in "Back to the Future"
ATEMPOGo back to the original speed, in music
REWINDGo back to the start, in a way
DOCMarty's scientist pal in "Back to the Future"
REWRAPPrepare to put back in the fridge, say
TOWBring back to the shop, in a way
EMMETTDoc Brown in the "Back to the Future" films
BIFFSCharacters in "Back to the Future" and "Radio Days"
TALLERMore likely to stand in the back of photos
EDBERGBack-to-back U.S. Open winner in the 1990s
KYLEHe went back in time to save Sarah in The Terminator
SWALLOWOne of the birds that "come back to Capistrano," in song
REARRANGEGive a fresh look to back burners in the kitchen (9)
EARTHANGELSong played at the school dance in "Back to the Future"
HOVERBOARDFuturistic mode of transportation in the "Back to the Future" films
POLICYIt's taking a back seat to personality in the Democratic race
EEROFinnish pentathlete Lehtonen who won back-to-back Olympic gold medals in the 1920s
DICEKNickname of ace Matsuzaka, who pitched in the US and then went back to Japan
BOAC"Flew in from Miami Beach ..." (opening lyric to "Back in the U.S.S.R.")
LADYDIShe was on the cover of back-to-back issues of Time in September 1997
ERINLand with "her back towards Britain, her face to the West," in a William Drennan poem
ALANColts running back Ameche who scored the winning touchdown in overtime to end "The Greatest Game Ever Played," 12-28-58
ABOATAnswer to the riddle "Weight in my belly, trees on my back, nails in my ribs, feet I do lack"