CHEKIST a member of the cheka
Crossword Clue

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AnswerCrossword Clue

Member of The A-Team


A founding member of the Avengers


Member of the C.S.A.

Like a member of the fold
A member of the Siouan people
AIRWOMANMember of the W. A. F.
PARENTMember of the U. P. A.
MAMAMember of the P. T. A.
MOMMember of the P. T. A.
PROMember of the P.G.A.
HOERA member of the weeding party
ISRA member of the U.N.
STARTERNot a member of the reserves
TOMATOCANVASPainting of a member of the club?
ACTINBe a member of the cast of
LAAWhen repeated, a member of the Teletubbies
OPECThe UAE is a member of it
SIKHMember of a sect in the Punjab.
SISTEREDTreated as a member of the family.
SUMNERTPIKEFormer member of the A. E. C.
FEATHERHEADNot a member of the "brain trust."
HUTHome for a member of the Khoikhoi
BOOEDWas a rude member of the gallery
DIARYQUEENMember of the royalty with a secret journal?
IMABELIEVERContact a member of the flock on AOL?
MRTHe played a member of the A-Team
OLSENMember of the L.A. Rams' "Fearsome Foursome"
NATOThe U.K. is a member of it
AVIATORMember of the U. S. A. A. F.
ENLLike a member of the U.S.N.
MILLERBARBERMember of the P.G.A. Seniors Tour
IGOROTMember of a headhunting people in the Philippines
SERFMember of the lower class, in a feudal system
TATARMember of a Turkic ethnic group along the Volga
CAPITULARMember of a chapter, as of the Masonic order.
CROSSOVERVote for a member of the other political party
MANORHome to a member of the landed gentry, maybe
OPRAHFirst name of a "The Color Purple" cast member
OTOEA member of a branch of the Siouan people
INDUCTMake a member, as of the Hall of Fame