Crossword Clue:

COUPLEMENT union a couple

AnswerCrossword Clue
TWOA couple
MRSHalf a couple
TWOA couple of
IDOSA couple words?
YOKEMake into a couple
MRSHalf of a couple
BRAA couple of cups?
STAGSA couple of bucks
SEVERALMore than a couple
DOSA couple in Mexico?
ITEMCouple in a column
DOSA couple of Spaniards?
MATEOne of a couple
RENHalf a cartoon couple
THREESOMEMore than a couple
ELSA couple of million?
OARSCouple in a rowboat
DEERA couple of bucks?
WEDSJoins as a couple
ELSA couple of dollars?
SLASHESCouple in a date
TWICEA couple of times
MRSOne of a couple
ITEMCouple on a gossip page
ANNESA couple of English queens
DESIHalf a classic sitcom couple
DOUBLEBEDTight squeeze for a couple?
HORNOne of a satanic couple
ITEMCouple in a gossip column
DUALHaving a couple of elements
JANEOne of a jungle couple
DESIHalf a 50's sitcom couple
JACKSPRATHalf a nursery rhyme couple
JANEHalf of a swinging couple?
SHAKERSCouple seen in a restaurant
THEKISSRodin sculpture of a couple
INITIALEDWrote a couple of letters?
LEADOne of a ballroom couple
DYNAMICDUONickname for a high-achieving couple
THERAPYA couple may be in it