Crossword Clue:

DRAP Scots to drop

AnswerCrossword Clue
HARPONRefuse to drop
DOGTIREDReady to drop
ALLINReady to drop
CEDEOpt to drop
FBOMBRude thing to drop
HITONDrop a line to?
TROUDrop ... (start to disrobe)
DIEDrop to zero battery
BEATAbout ready to drop
TROUDrop ... (start to strip)
FBOMBImpolite thing to drop
SLEEPYEYEDAbout to drop off
SLOTWhere to drop a coin
PIERSPlaces to drop a line
LSDSomething that's illegal to drop
CEASEFIREOccasion to drop one's arms
EGGLead-in to drop or roll
LAPCommon place for something to drop
PIERPlace to drop a line from
TOESBad place to drop a heavy box
HUNTERSOnes prepared to drop a few bucks?
HITTHEDECKRise from bed ... or drop to one's stomach