Crossword Clue:

DRONISHNESS the state of being dronish

AnswerCrossword Clue
ARREARSState of being late
TAMENESSState of being broken
SEEMSGives the impression of being
FORKEEPSWithout the possibility of being taken back
GOOSEBUMPSResult of being left out in the cold
NONCEThe time being
PROTEMFor the time being
ESSEBeing at the Forum
CAUSALBeing the reason for
HENCEThat being the case
ADINTERIMFor the time being
SYLPHSupernatural being inhabiting the air
LETRIDEIgnore for the time being
FRANCCoin being replaced by the euro
KRONEMonetary unit being replaced by the euro
AAHIndication that one is being rubbed the right way
PSYCHEMythological figure being kissed in a statue at the Louvre