ELANCE to throw as a lance
Crossword Clue

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  • The Best Answer: 7/10
AnswerCrossword Clue

Throw, as to a child


Throw, as a grenade


Throw, as a shadow

Throw, as a party
Throw, as a rider
TOSSThrow, as a coin
PEGThrow as a baseball
HEAVEThrow, as a discus
HURLThrow, as a fastball
PEGThrow, as a baseball.
HURLThrow, as a baseball
LOSEThrow, as a fight
UNHORSEThrow, as a buckaroo
CASTThrow out, as a line
CASTThrow, as a fishing line.
INTERPOSEThrow in, as a question
HEAVEThrow, as a shot put
CASTThrow, as a fishing line
ERRANTOff-target, as a throw
HEAVEThrow as a shot put
BLOWThrow away, as a lead
EVICTThrow out, as a tenant
ERRANTOff the mark, as a throw
SAILGo too far, as a throw
DISMISSThrow out, as a court case
CASTThrow out, as a fishing line
KEEPSFORPLAYDoesn't throw away, as a stage prop?