EXCELLENT very good
Crossword Clue

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  • The Best Answer: 6/10
AnswerCrossword Clue

Declare "good" or "excellent," say


Very good

EDDIE"Very Good ...."
YUM"Very good"
ADEPTVery good
FINEVery good.
BRAVOVery good!

Very good, slangily

Not very good
Very good grade
FAIRNot very good
SEHRGUTVery good: Ger.
SEHR"... gut!" ("Very good!")
APLUSVery good grade
ANGELICVery good indeed.
APLUSVery good grade.
BIEN"Muy ..." (very good)
PLUMSomething very good
DANDYVery good: Slang.
BENEMolto ...: very good
IRONCLADALIBIVery good excuse
CMINUSNot very good
ANGELICVery, very good.
SAINTVery good person
ITWASA"... Very Good Year"
RAVEVery good review
ANDGood ... (very): Colloq.
CLOSECOMPANIONSVery good friends
HAWKSVery good lookers
EDDIEVery good character
SOSONot very good.
ANGELVery good person
RAVESVery good reviews
PALVery good friend
CHERUBA very good child.
ELATINGLike very good news
KERN"Very Good, Eddie" composer
SOCKOVery good, in Variety
WASA"It .. Very Good Year"
EDDIE"Very Good ...," Kern musical.