GOWNMAN one who wears a gown
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AnswerCrossword Clue

One who wears a mask every fourth game


One-named professional wrestling champion who often wears a kaffiyeh


One who wears stripes

One who wears four stars: Abbr.
One who wears more than one hat?
ELSIESpokescow who wears a lei
HELLOKITTYFictional Japanese character who wears a bow
PYROX-Men adversary who wears a flamethrower
LTCOLOff. who wears a silver oak leaf
MRCLEANAdvertising icon who wears a single earring
HELLOKITTYToon who wears a red hair bow
BEAVISTV character who generally wears a Metallica shirt
POOHAnimated character who wears a red shirt and no pants
RICHIERICHComic book character who wears an Eton collar and a red bow tie
MAUVE"Never trust a woman who wears ..." (line from "The Picture of Dorian Gray")
SUMMERCHICKENSomeone who wears a wide-brim hat, sunglasses, a turtleneck, jeans, and SPF 75 sunblock to the beach?