Crossword Clue:

HARIRA a kind of Moroccan soup

AnswerCrossword Clue
MISOKind of soup at a Japanese restaurant
ONIONKind of soup served in a crock
NESTSIngredients for a certain kind of soup.
MISOKind of soup often served at a sushi bar
SPLITPEAKind of soup ... or a hint to the answers to the five starred clues
MISOKind of soup
SNAPPERKind of soup
NOODLEKind of soup
PEAKind of soup
EGGDROPKind of soup
PUREEKind of soup
MOCKTURTLEKind of soup
ONIONKind of soup
TOMATOKind of soup
LEEKKind of soup
TOMATOKind of soup.
ALPHABETKind of soup
BEEFNOODLEKind of soup
SHECRABKind of soup
OKRAKind of soup.
OXTAILKind of soup
LENTILKind of soup
SPLITPEAKind of soup
MINESTRONEKind of soup.
PEAKind of soup.
ONIONKind of soup.
BORSCHKind of soup.
PUREEKind of soup.
GREENPEAKind of soup.
NOODLEKind of soup.
POTATOOne kind of soup.
MINESTRONE"Kind of soup," literally
MOCKKind of turtle soup
YANKEEKind of bean soup
TOMATOKind of soup or sauce
OXTAILLIGHTKind of soup for dieters?
POTATOKind of soup or salad
PEPPERPOTKind of soup or stew.
PEAKind of soup or jacket
PEAKind of coat or soup