Crossword Clue:

KIDNAPPEE one who is kidnapped also KIDNAPEE

AnswerCrossword Clue
ASSESSEEOne who is charged
LIVESALIEHides who one is
LIVESALIEDenies who one really is
ALIENOROne who is no longer entitled
DEBOne who is thrown a ball
REALISTOne who sees it like it is
LOTTERYWINNEROne who is very successful with numbered balls
ELMOSaint who is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers
RUNNERUPOne who is so close (and yet so far)
OCCAMPhilosopher who posited that the simplest explanation is the most likely one
RUMI13th-century Persian mystic who is one of the best-selling poets in the U.S.