MANIHOT a tropical plant
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Dried roots of a tropical plant.


Arachnid harmful to a tropical plant.


Tropical plant with a trunklike stem

Tropical plant, part of a familiar password.
Tropical plant
LIANETropical plant.
LIANATropical plant.
PALMTropical plant.
RATSBANETropical plant.
LANTANATropical plant
INGATropical plant
SESAMETropical plant.
MIMOSATropical plant
TAROTropical plant
TAROTropical plant.
IPECACTropical plant.
ALOETropical plant
TREEFERNTropical plant.
CALATHEATropical plant
LIANATropical plant
CANNATropical plant
BANANATropical plant.
ALOETropical plant.
AJITropical plant
CANNATropical plant.
URENAMedicinal tropical plant
CANNAShowy tropical plant
LIANATropical twining plant.
ISTLETropical fiber plant
SENNAFlowering tropical plant
TAROStarchy tropical plant
TAROTropical food plant
TAROStemless tropical plant
IPECACTropical root plant.
CANNAFlowery tropical plant
CANNAFlowering tropical plant
TAROTropical food plant.
CASAVAEdible tropical plant: Var.
SESAMEOil-yielding tropical plant
ARROWROOTTropical American starch plant