Crossword Clue:

METRICISM the study of metre

AnswerCrossword Clue
ORTHOEPYThe study of pronunciation
MILITARYSCIENCEThe study of warfare
ENTOMOLOGYThe study of insects.
URANOLOGYStudy of the heavens.
ENTOMOLOGYThe study of insects
GARBOLOGYThe study of trash
OTOLOGYStudy of the ear
ECOLOGYStudy of the environment
ASTRONOMYStudy of the planets
OCCULTISMStudy of the supernatural
ALGEBRAStudy of the unknown?
ETIOLOGYThe study of causes
ANTHROPOLOGYThe study of man
AEROLOGYStudy of the atmosphere
CHREMATISTICSThe study of wealth
PSYCHOLOGYStudy of the mind
BACTERIOLOGICALOf the study of microorganisms
ASTRStudy of the stars: Abbr.
ASTRONOMYStudy of the heavenly bodies.
COSMISMPhilosophical study of the universe
ANATStudy of the body: Abbr.
ASTRStudy of the heavens: Abbr.
ISMAN"The proper study of mankind ...."
HARMONICSThe study of musical sound
RELStudy of the Scriptures: Abbr.
GEOLOGICALOf the study of rocks.
TECHNICSStudy of the practical arts.
MANThe proper study of mankind.
CHILDPSYCHOLOGYStudy of the juvenile mind
OTOLOGYThe study of the ear
EXACTASCIENCEThe study of racetrack betting?
OOLOGYThe study of birds' eggs.
ASTRStudy of the stars (abbr.)
DALLASKAPITALMarx's study of the Ewings?
VOODOOECONOMICSThe study of magic markets?
BODYENGLISHThe study of erotic literature?
WARWhat polemology is the study of
MARSWhat areology is the study of
TEAMCHEMISTRYThe study of the Springfield Isotopes?
REVERSEPSYCHOLOGYThe study of the altered ego?