MISEMPHASIS a wrong emphasis
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Emphasis on a syllable


Emphasis of a city newscast


Member of a sect of Judaism with an emphasis on mysticism

The .. Rock Cafe is planning a new emphasis on live music
Avenging a wrong
ATONESRights a wrong
ATONERight a wrong
GETSEVENAvenges a wrong
ATONERedress a wrong
GETEVENAvenge a wrong
CONDONESOverlooks (a wrong)
ATONEDRighted a wrong
REDRESSRight a wrong
ATONERedeem a wrong
ATONERepair a wrong
ERRMake a wrong choice
SINTake a wrong turn?
GOAWRYTake a wrong turn
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ATONEMENTCompensation for a wrong
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REDRESSCompensation for a wrong.
REDRESSRight, as a wrong
ERRGive a wrong answer
ERRMake a wrong move
REDRESSRelief from a wrong
LIECreate a wrong impression.
ERREDTook a wrong turn
MISSPOKENWrong, in a way
ERRSMakes a wrong turn
ERRSPlays a wrong note
AVENGERight, as a wrong
AVENGESCounteracts, as a wrong
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STRAYEDTook a wrong turn
UNLEARNNullify a wrong method.
MISHEARSReceives a wrong impression
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WENTAWRYTook a wrong turn
ERRSDials a wrong number