Crossword Clue:

MOPISH given to moping

AnswerCrossword Clue
PRONEGiven (to)
APTGiven (to)
CHATTYGiven to talk
ARTYGiven to pretension
WEEPYGiven to crying
BASHFULGiven to blushing
KISSYGiven to smooching
GASSYGiven to gabbing
GASSYGiven to gab
NOMADICGiven to wanderlust
NOSYGiven to eavesdropping
RANGYGiven to moving about
SOCIALGiven to glad-handing
ASOCIALNot given to schmoozing
AGILENot given to lumbering
EDOMKingdom given to Esau
LIAROne given to stretchers
SPEWEROne given to diatribes
FREETo be given away
ARTYGiven to showy affectation
HENOne given to brooding
EMOTEROne given to gushing
MODESTHardly given to exhibitionism
NANAOne given to doting
VAINGiven to self-reflection?
MERCYIt's sometimes given to prisoners
ORALExam given face-to-face
MODESTNot given to self-promotion
ORDERIt's given to a waiter
OSCARSPrizes given to good docs?
APPEASEDGiven enough to be happy
HITMENOnes given money to waste?
HITMENThey're given money to waste
NAMEIt's given to a newborn
OBEHonour given to Joan Collins: Abbr.
OBEHonour given to J. K. Rowling: Abbr.
YESMASTERSnide reply to being given a chore
TWONumber often given to a maitre d'
GENEIt may be given from father to son
ISRAELName given to Jacob after he wrestled with the angel