Crossword Clue:

OFFENSIVE causing offence

AnswerCrossword Clue
FATALCausing ruin
HOHUMCausing ennui
ATITCausing trouble
CREEPYCausing goosebumps
ALTERANTCausing change
EERIECausing goosebumps
AWINGCausing wonder in
TARTCausing a pucker
PARADEDetour-causing event
MICROBESDisease-causing bacteria
YEASTYCausing a rise?
STEEPCausing sticker shock
OXIDANTRust-causing agent
ERASINGCausing to disappear
SUMACRash-causing shrub
NOISYCausing a ruckus
EERIECausing goose bumps
GLUEYCausing to stick
PCBSCancer-causing compounds
PANICEmotion causing hyperventilation
RIOTEROne causing mayhem
ERODENTCausing to wear away
TAMELYWithout causing much excitement
DREADEDCausing fear and trembling
MIOTICCausing constriction of the pupils
SOURCausing the lips to pucker
RIOTOUSCausing one to crack up
TARTCausing the lips to pucker
CHIGGERTiny biter causing intense itching
BADEGGType who's always causing trouble