REANOINT to anoint again
Crossword Clue

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AnswerCrossword Clue

She went to anoint the dead Jesus


Again, to Androcles


Listened to again

Listen to again
Again, to Bizet
DENOVOAgain, to Gaius
EXHUMEBring to light again
REPINPrepare to sew again
REHITCome to bat again
RESTEDReady to go again
RESETTLECome to rest again.
RESTEDReady to play again
RETRYBring to court again
RECURCome to mind again
OTRA.. vez: again, to Alonso
RESHIPGo to sea again.
FIXGet to work again
REPASSEDFailed to bid again.
RETINGEAdd color to again
RECRATEPrepare to ship again
RELATHEREDStarted to shave again
REPACKPrepare to travel again
IREPEAT"Listen to me again!"
RECURREDCame to mind again
LETReason to serve again
REUSESPuts to service again.
RECURCome again to mind.
RESUEGo to court again
RELAPCatch up to again
MISSYearn to see again
RELOADPrepare to fire again
REARMPrepare to fight again
REBUDSStarts to grow again.
RESUETake to court again
ITERATESResponds to "Come again?"
RESWEARPut to oath again
READJUSTEDSet to rights again.
RESUEGo to court again.
REBAITSPrepares to fish again.
OTRA... vez (again, to Juan)