Crossword Clue:

REBEGIN to begin again

AnswerCrossword Clue
RENEWBegin again
RESUMEBegin again
STARTINONBegin to berate
KINDLEBegin to burn
POINTAWhere to begin
TEARUPBegin to cry
STIRBegin to wake
BREWBegin to develop
BLOOMBegin to flower
OPENFIREBegin to attack
ATFIRSTTo begin with
REDDENBegin to blush
BURSTOPENBegin to blossom
GETINTOBegin to enjoy
BLOSSOMBegin to flourish
STEPONEWhere to begin
BREWBegin to form
BREAKINTOBegin to burgle
TIREBegin to give out
STIRBegin to wake up
FRAYBegin to show wear
OPENUPTOBegin to confide in
CUEINSignal when to begin
STARTINONBegin to tongue-lash
DDAYWhen to begin an operation
GAINONBegin to catch up with
STIRBegin to come out of sleep
POINTAPlace to begin to connect the dots
READWhat many children begin to do in kindergarten
ONEAMWhen many New Year's parties begin to die down
ENGLISHCHANNELWhat the 63-Across crossed to begin her 88-/13-Down