REDAMAGE to damage again
Crossword Clue

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AnswerCrossword Clue

Damage again.


Does damage to

HARMSDoes damage to

Caused damage to

Do damage to
SCATHEDo damage to
Cause damage to
MAIMDo damage to
IMPAIRDo damage to
MARDo damage to.
MARDo damage to
HARMCause damage to
COSTDamage, so to speak
CREASEDamage to a photograph
BANGSUPDoes damage to: Colloq.
PRICETAGDamage, so to speak
PRICEDamage, so to speak
MARREDDid some damage to
TOTALSDoes serious damage to
MARCause surface damage to
BURNABLESusceptible to fire damage
LOSSProperty damage, to an insurer
STAINSerious damage to one's reputation
MAIMDo some serious damage to
NOLTESNICKDamage to a screen star
TPSCauses tissue damage to, maybe?
SOFTISSUEINJURYDamage to a paperback edition?
BARTABHappy Hour damage so to speak
FOOTAGEPROBLEMDamage to a newsreel film, e.g.?
OFMICEANDMENDINGBook on how to repair rodent damage?
ALDERWood that's especially resistant to water damage
NAILHOLEDamage to a wall made in hanging a picture
TORTEFor causing injury or damage to others, use a....