REENACTOR one who reenacts
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AnswerCrossword Clue

One who contradicts


One who parries


One who repents

One who regrets
One who assumes
TINKEREROne who fiddles
IRONEROne who mangles
VAGABONDOne who wanders
ANTIOne who opposes
DEGRADEROne who corrupts.
BALKEROne who thwarts
DERIDEROne who jeers
ALINEROne who straightens
TOTEROne who hauls
TREADEROne who walks
CONJECTUREROne who hypothesizes
INTIMATEROne who hints
DENIGRATOROne who defames
SUCCESSOROne who follows
EVINCEROne who demonstrates.
PROTESTEROne who objects
SACKEROne who pillages
SPIEROne who snoops
GERENTOne who rules.
AVENGEROne who retaliates.
EVADEROne who sidesteps.
LEADEROne who rules
SAVIOROne who delivers
COPEROne who manages
ABNEGATOROne who surrenders
ELATEROne who gladdens
JOSHEROne who teases
TWADDLEROne who prates
ENDORSEROne who sanctions
THWARTEROne who impedes
SEVEREROne who cuts
NIGGLEROne who carps
SPADEROne who digs
CADGEROne who sponges
GERENTOne who manages