Crossword Clue:

REPATTERN to pattern again

AnswerCrossword Clue
EPUREPattern to be traced.
ACCENTLocal speech pattern, to outsiders
RUTPattern that's hard to break
SEWOne way to follow a pattern
SPOTWord before check ... or a pattern alternative to a check
BISAgain, to Bizet
DENOVOAgain, to Gaius
REHEARListen to again
REHEARDListened to again
DENOVOAgain, to Androcles
RESTEDReady to play again
OTRA.. vez: again, to Alonso
REUSESPuts to service again.
RETAKESTries to pass again
REAIMPrepare to fire again
RESETTLECome to rest again.
REHIREPut to work again
REPAIRGet to work again
RECUTTake scissors to again
RELOADPrepare to fire again
RESTATERespond to "Come again?"
REARMPrepare to fight again
RESUEGo to court again
IREPEAT"Listen to me again!"
RECURREDCame to mind again
REPACKPrepare to travel again
REGROUPPrepare to try again
RESUETake to court again
RESWEARPut to oath again
REUSEDPut to work again
REAIMPrepare to shoot again
RETRYPut to test again.
EXHUMEBring to light again
RELAPCatch up to again
UNDAMAllow to flow again
RESHIPGo to sea again.
REBAITSPrepares to fish again.
OTRA... vez (again, to Juan)
REPINPrepare to sew again
RESAILPut to sea again.