SCAMMONY a climbing plant
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Climbing, as a plant.


Part of a climbing plant.


Climbing stem of a plant.

Winding stem of a climbing plant.
Clinging part of a climbing plant
MADDERClimbing plant with a dye-yielding root
SWEETPEAClimbing plant
CREEPERClimbing plant
PEAClimbing plant.
LIANEClimbing plant.
CREEPERClimbing plant.
LIANAClimbing plant.
LIANAClimbing plant
VETCHClimbing plant
LIANEClimbing plant
BINEClimbing plant
IVYClimbing plant
IVYClimbing plant.
MOONSEEDClimbing plant
VINEClimbing plant
LIANATree-climbing plant
LIANAWoody climbing plant.
VINEWall-climbing plant
TENDRILSClimbing plant parts
IVYTrellis-climbing plant
IVYWall-climbing plant
SWEETPEAClimbing flowering plant
VINETrellis-climbing plant
IVYOrnamental climbing plant
SWEETPEAFragrant climbing plant
BETELAsian climbing plant
LIANAClimbing perennial plant.
BETELClimbing plant of Asia
LIANAClimbing plant or vine.
LIANEClimbing plant of tropics.
SWEETPEAClimbing plant with fragrant flowers
WISTERIAClimbing plant with purple flowers
VETCHClimbing plant with pealike flowers
REDJASMINEClimbing plant with pinkish flowers