SUPERSCHOOL an exceptional school
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AnswerCrossword Clue

An exceptional person, slangily


Designating an exceptional golf score.


Do an after-school chore

Commotion at an English school?
Do an after-school job
ETONIANGraduate of an old school.
POSEDWas an art school model
ETONSchool for an English prince
BROWNBREDRaised at an Ivy League school?
ETONSJackets named for an English school
ESLSchool subj. for an au pair
ERASEDo an after-school-detention chore
PHARISEEMember of an ancient Jewish school
COWSHEDDORMTemporary housing at an agricultural school?
UMASSMEDIANews sources at an Amherst school?
GOEASTEnter an Ivy League school, maybe
ETONCOLLARPlace for an old school tie?
ALUMOne with an old school tie?
GIRLSSign on an elementary school door
ETONIANWearer of an old school tie.
ERASEDo an after-school detention chore
ALUMOne with an old school tie
TRAININGBRASSMission of an Army officers' school?
AGGIEAny student at an agricultural school.
INVIGILATORProctor at an English school exam.
BUSPart of an after-school lineup
IONANew York school named for an island
LEARNTOStart of an adult school course name
GLADYALENUNSHappy sisters at an Ivy League school?
GLEESeries set in an Ohio high school
MITSchool that hosts an annual Mystery Hunt
ORONOHometown of an East Coast state school
ESLSubj. of many an after-school class
MBADegree for an MIT Sloan School grad
MUSICALPASSExemption from playing an instrument at school?
BOYSSign on an elementary school bathroom door
THEFIRSTStart of an actual Sunday school quiz answer
GLEETV series set in an Ohio high school
LEANONME1989 film set in an inner-city high school
SMUSchool hit with an NCAA "death penalty" in 1987