Subject to surgical decortication
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Subject to.

UNDERSubject to

Subject to litigation


Subject to chance

Subject to dispute
Subject to blame
ALTERABLESubject to modification
SORESPOTSubject to avoid
BAKESubject to heat.
TRYSubject to strain
DUTIABLESubject to customs
HAZESubject to horseplay
MOOTSubject to debate
ERODESubject to planation
TAMABLESubject to breaking
UNSAVEDSubject to erasure
EMENDABLESubject to alteration
ICYSubject to skidding
FINITESubject to limitations
TEMASubject, to Puccini
TAXABLESubject to assessment.
INCURBe subject to
PARKEDILLEGALLYSubject to ticketing
REVOCABLESubject to annulment
SEISMICSubject to earthquakes
TRYSubject to hardship
INDOUBTSubject to change
ABATABLESubject to reduction
DENIABLESubject to contradiction
RATABLESubject to taxation.
TAMABLESubject to breaking?
THEMASubject, to Cicero
VETSubject to scrutiny
LATESubject to docking?
DUESubject to collection
EXCEPTABLESubject to omission
ERODESubject to ablation
LIABLESubject to damages
ERODESubject to detrition
UNSTABLESubject to change.