TALIPAT a palm
Crossword Clue

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AnswerCrossword Clue

A palm.


Grease a palm


Read a palm

A palm thatch.
Fruit from a palm
ACAIFruit from a palm
BETELNut of a palm.
UNAMOS.A. palm tree
SLAPHit with a palm
TREETOPPart of a palm.
GREASETHE... palm (pay a bribe)
SAGOStarch from a palm
SHINSClimbs a palm tree
SLAPBlow with a palm
OASISPlace for a palm
DATEFruit of a palm.
LAGOMar-A-...., Palm Beach estate
CONCEALPalm, as a playing card
ITCHPalm ailment of a miser.
GREATFAN... palm (sounds like a rooter)
FRONDOne extending from a palm
SAGOStarch from a tropical palm
LAGOMar-A-... (Palm Beach estate)
ERUCFiber from a Philippine palm
BEACHTREEKin of a coconut palm?
BETELNut of a certain palm
SAGOStarch from a palm tree.
COCONut of a palm tree.
SAGODry pith from a palm
SAGOPalm tree yielding a starch.
SLYLYHow to palm a card
ITCHINGLike a bribe taker's palm
BETELNUTMild stimulant from a palm tree
FANWave a palm frond at, say
CARNAUBAWAXDurable coating from a palm tree
ISLETIt may have a single palm
ADVISORWord on a palm reader's shingle
MAKEITSAGOCaptain Picard's order for a palm?
SWAYINGLike palm trees in a storm
ACAI... palm (tree with a healthful berry)