UPHOLSTRESS a female upholsterer
Crossword Clue

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AnswerCrossword Clue

"... deer, a female . . ."


"Doe, .., a female ..."

ADEER"Doe, ......, a female..."
ADEER"Doe, ..., a female . . . "

A female ruler

"Do, ....., a female..."
A female deer
DOEA". . . ... deer, a female . . . "
DOEA"... deer, a female . . . "
ADEER'Doe, --, a female . . .'
EWEFemale on a farm
EWEFemale in a flock
DEER"Doe, a ....., a female ..."
BLACKWIDOWFemale with a bite.
WIFENot a single female
DOEFemale in a flock
WASPFemale with a sting
NANNYGOATFemale with a beard
EWEFemale following a bellwether
ROEA top female marathoner
LIONESSFemale in a pride
DOEFemale in a forest
EWEFemale in a fold
SOWFemale on a farm
EWEFemale in a pasture
EWEFemale in a pen
EWEFemale in a herd
EWEFemale with a fleece
DOEA"... deer, a female deer . . ."
WOMANWITHPARROTManet portrait of a female
OVARIANLike a certain female artery
PETTYWOMANMovie about a nagging female?
EMERITARetired, as a female professor
PISTILFemale part of a flower
DOEA" ... a deer, a female deer"
LEADINGLADYFemale star of a film
ETTEEnding for a female Smurf
EWEFemale member of a herd
DOE"..., a deer, a female deer"
ESSThis makes Leo a female