Crossword Clue:

VOLITIONAL relating to volition also VOLITIONARY

AnswerCrossword Clue
TONALRelating to pitch
ARMORIALRelating to heraldry
OSCINERelating to songbirds
BIOTICRelating to life
NEONATALRelating to babes
URSINERelating to bears
OLEICRelating to C18H3402
MODALRelating to form
AMINORelating to NH2
TELARRelating to tissue
SELENICRelating to the moon
SYSTOLICRelating to heartbeat rates
POSTALRelating to 51-Down
OCEANICRelating to the sea
OVULARRelating to egg cells
AVIONICRelating to flight technology
RENALRelating to the kidneys
CELIACRelating to the abdomen
ILIACRelating to the pelvis
HYPNOPrefix relating to sleep
LARVALRelating to young insects
RETINALRelating to an eye layer
SOCIETALRelating to people at large
ULNARRelating to an arm bone
AORTALRelating to a major vessel
ANODALRelating to a battery terminal
CELIACRelating to the abdominal cavity
ELHIRelating to grades 1-12
AORTALRelating to a blood line
AVIONICRelating to high-tech flight
ULNARRelating to a certain arm bone
LOBARRelating to part of the lung
HASIDICRelating to a mystic Jewish sect
ILIACRelating to part of the pelvis
PIRATICRelating to theft on the high seas
ILEACRelating to part of the small intestine