WARREY to make war
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Make war


Make a prisoner of war


"Make love, not war," e.g.

War, to Mars
"The War to ...."
HELLWar, to Sherman
OLDMAIDAlternative to war
CASUSBELLIEvent leading to war
UNRESTPrelude to civil war
PEACETreaty to end war.
ULTIMATAPreludes to war, often
ARTSLove and war, to some
ARESWar god, to the Greeks
THAWCold War-to-detente transition
EARLEPre-war Minister to Bulgaria.
ESCALATIONCold war to hot war.
ARESGod of war, to Plato
PACIFISTHe won't go to war
UBOATSThreats to World War shipping
NAMWar area to some vets
ROHDEPre-war Minister to Denmark.
ARISGreek war god, to Greeks
SCRAPDonate this to the war.
MASCARAWar paint, so to speak
CAPRA"Prelude to War" documentarian, 1943
INFLATIONThreat to post-war economy.
THAWCold-War-to-detente transition
FEUDSThey might lead to war
PLATEARMORCase for going to war?
NAMWar site, to '60s GIs
NAVALPertaining to vessels of war.
CASUS... belli (event leading to war): Lat.
SDSGp. opposed to the Vietnam War
ACEGood thing to have in war
SIREFair Play to Man o' War.
AMTRACSea-to-shore vehicle of war.
NAMWar zone, to G.I.'s
PATHWord attached to foot or war
SIREMan o' War, to War Admiral