WHARFAGE the use of a wharf
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Use the pink end of a pencil


Use the flat part of a shovel


Make use of the library, in a way

Bandmaster who popularized the use of a wraparound instrument
Studio of a designer who forbids the use of sequins?
FILIBUSTERUse of irregular tactics to prevent the adoption of a measure
LISAOne of the first Apple personal computers to use a mouse
BORKUse defamation to block the confirmation of, as a Supreme Court nominee
ALIENSPACEBARCRAFTE.T.'s ability to use the lower part of a keyboard?
RIOTEvent (as opposed to a sit-in) that might legitimize the use of pepper spray
KESHAPop singer who used to use a dollar sign for the third letter of her name
BASEBALLCARDSThe Peck and Snyder Company pioneered the use of ... as advertising tools to sell a) candy; b) beverages; c) tobacco; d) sporting goods