a bulbous herb
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Eurasian bulbous herb


Marine mammal with a bulbous forehead


Marine mammal with a bulbous head

A herb.
A garden herb
SAGEA wise herb?
ANUS.A. herb
DILLHerb in a pickle
SAGEHerb in a ballad
CAENHerb with a column
SAGYLike a popular herb.
SAGYLike a garden herb
OREGANOHerb at a pizzeria
ALPERTHerb with a horn
DILLSEEDHerb with a pungent oil
PEANUTSeed of a Brazilian herb.
THYMEHerb in a bouquet garni
TASTEOFHONEYHerb Alpert hit (with "A")
SAGYSeasoned with a certain herb.
TASTEHerb Alpert's "A .... of Honey"
SAGIESTMost like a cooking herb
THYMEFORBEDHerb eaten with a nightcap?
BAYLEAFAromatic herb in a bouquet garni
RUTASpecies of a strong-scented herb.
LIVINGONBORROWEDTHYMEGetting by with a loaner herb?
TASTEHerb Alpert hit "A ..... of Honey"
VETCHHerb used as a cover crop
SCARBOROUGHFAIR'68 song with a four-herb refrain
SENNAHerb used to make a medicinal tea
THYMEHerb in a Simon and Garfunkel song
THYMEHerb in a Paul Simon title (1966)
GINSENGHerb used as a medicine in China
BEYONDBAYLEAFLike something even better than a pungent herb?
THYMEHerb mentioned in a Simon and Garfunkel song
TANSYStrong-scented herb, a common weed in North America.