a goatlike mammal
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Goatlike mammal of Asia


A gnawing mammal.


S.A. mammal

GALERAS. A. mammal
Emulate a mammal, perhaps
Stinker of a mammal
MOUSEDEERA mammal or two
RHINOCERINEResembling a horned mammal.
EMSA mammal has three
ALPACAMammal like a camel
HARPOONKill a certain mammal
WHALEMammal with a blowhole
LLAMAMammal like a camel
BELUGAWhale of a mammal
RHINOA mammal, for short
SLOTHMammal with a low metabolism
TAPIRMammal with a flexible snout
COONN.A. mammal, for short
ELEPHANTSEALMammal with a trunklike proboscis
TAPIRMammal with a prehensile proboscis
FLAYINGFOXMammal that's a severe critic?
TREESHREWArboreal mammal resembling a squirrel
SEALMammal floating on a floe
MONGOOSEMammal with a birdlike name
TAPIRMammal with a flexible nose
ALPACAMammal with a long, silky fleece
PANDAMammal that's not really a bear
BOTTLENOSEWHALEMarine mammal with a bulbous forehead
SLOTHMammal in a 2006 SNL short
BRANDEDANTEATERMammal that has a permanent mark?
POPLARBEARMammal that lives in a cottonwood?
PILOTWHALEMarine mammal with a bulbous head
EARNEDSEALMammal that's a reward for hard work?
HYRAXRabbit-sized mammal also called a cony
WOLVERINECarnivorous mammal also known as a glutton
SQUABHUMANBioengineered cross between a bird and a mammal?
OTTERMammal with a pouch where it can store its favorite rock