Crossword Clue:

a male servant

AnswerCrossword Clue
KNAVEOriginally, a male servant
PAGEMale servant
HOUSEMANMale servant
FOOTMANServant of a sort
BUTLERServant of a sort
CLAPSummon a servant, maybe
RANGSummoned, as a servant
SOLDIERServant in a cause
WAITONBe a servant to
CIVILServant of a sort
THYKipling's ".. Servant a Dog"
TRANIOA servant in "The Taming . . . "
WAITUPONAct as a servant for
DOGCATCHERCivil servant of a sort
WAITSUPONActs as a servant for
BECKANDCALLAt one's .. (like a servant)
AMAHServant similar to a dhai.
HISMASTER"Accuse not a servant unto ..."
ENSLAVEMake a bond servant of
BECKANDCALLA servant is at one's
CLAPSnobbish way to summon a servant
SLEEPSINStays full time, as a servant.
CUPBEARERCertain servant in a royal palace
NERISMedea's servant in a Cherubini opera
TUANWhat a Malay servant calls his master.
MONEY"A good servant but a bad master": Bacon
FRANKIEVALET60's singer who "walks like a man"-servant?