Crossword Clue:

a part of the sternum

AnswerCrossword Clue
XIPHOID... process (sternum part)
CRUSTPart of a pie or the earth
UNISFrench part of the U.S.A.
ADOPTEDNot a part of from the start
CERESThe biggest part of a large belt
FANGPart of the mouth of a cottonmouth
AREOLAROf a ring-shaped part of the iris
SYRPart of the former U.A.R.: Abbr.
RESEATUsher to a different part of the theater
WITHERSPart of a horse between the shoulder blades
FINPart of a shark seen above the water
SOCLEProjecting part at the foot of a wall
SIDEAPart of a record getting the most airplay
FINALPHASEPart of a project just before the end
SOTHENSegue to the next part of a story
STYXA tenth part of the waters of Oceanus
MIAMIHEATThey're a big part of the life of Riley
LACASAPart of the name of many a Spanish restaurant
AIDAThe king of Egypt has a part in it
LIDPart of the eye that a fish doesn't have
ERICAWoman's name that rhymes with a part of the world
ESTUARYWide part of a river where it meets the sea
DEEPLike the part of a pool with a diving board
RUSEPart of the planning for many a surprise birthday party
DADOPart of a pedestal between the base and the cornice
BEZELPart of a watch that holds the face's glass cover
CONFPart of the N.C.A.A.'s purview: Abbr.
SNELLPart of a fishing line to which the hook is attached
AFTToward the most common part of a boat to fish from
DEEPLike the part of a swimming pool with the diving board
HAYDNGOSEEKPart of a children's game with the Father of the Symphony?
SPIREPart of the Notre-Dame Cathedral destroyed by a 2019 fire
MINARETPart of a mosque from which the call to prayer is made
BIGDIPPERPart of 17-Across ... and what the circles from A to G depict