Crossword Clue:

a plank

AnswerCrossword Clue
SANDEDSmoothed a plank
SNYCurve in a plank
TENETPlank in a platform
SEESAWPlank in a playground
LEEBOARDMovable plank on a hull
SNYCurve of a ship plank
RESAWSCuts again, as a plank
SNYBend in a ship's plank.
SNYCurve of a ship's plank.
SNYBend of a ship's plank
SNYBend in a ship's plank
SNYCurve of a ship plank.
SNYCurved plank of a ship.
SNYUpward curve of a plank.
SNYCurve in a ship's plank
EDDIEPlank on a pitcher's mound
GANGWith "plank," it's a bridge
SNYCurve of a ship's plank
SNYSBends, as a ship's plank.
CAMPAIGNPROMISERosy plank in a candidate's platform.
SNYEDBent upward, as a ship's plank.
BEVELAngled edge, as on a plank
SNYUpward curve of a ship's plank.
SNYUpward curve of a ship's plank
SEESAWEDEnjoyed a plank on a playground
WALEHeavy plank on the side of a wooden ship
WALEShip plank
SEESAWPlayground plank
BOARDOFEDMan's plank?
SNYCurved plank
PLANEPlank smoother
WARPPlank defect
SNYPlank curve
SAWPlank cutter
NAILPlank piercer
SEESAWPark plank
SLATBench plank