a state of nervous confusion
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Reduces to a state of confusion.


Halle in a state of confusion? (2001)


Reduces to a state of confusion, as type.

In a nervous state
State of confusion.
MESSState of confusion
DAZEState of confusion
FOGState of confusion
MORASSState of confusion.
MAZEState of confusion.
BEDLAMState of confusion
MIXUPState of confusion
HAZEState of confusion
DISORDERState of confusion
DITHERState of confusion
SNAFUState of confusion
CHAOSState of confusion
HAZEState of mental confusion
FUDDLEState of drunken confusion
MELEEState of tumultuous confusion
CHAOSState of extreme confusion
BEDLAMState of extreme confusion
IMBROGLIOState of confusion and complication.
MUSSState of confusion or disorder
FLORIDAState of confusion in November, 2000