Crossword Clue:

a stringed instrument also VIOLA

AnswerCrossword Clue
GAMBAViola da ... (old stringed instrument)
STRUMPlay a stringed instrument.
ARPAA stringed instrument: It.
THRUMPlay a stringed instrument.
STRUMSound from a stringed instrument.
HARPSPEEDTempo for a stringed instrument?
LUTEStringed instrument for a madrigal
TREMOLOSSound effects on a stringed instrument.
LYRAConstellation named for a stringed instrument
ZITHERStringed instrument played with a plectrum.
LYREStringed instrument made from a turtle shell
AEOLIANHARPStringed instrument named after a Greek god
BEGETSITARGive birth to a stringed Indian instrument?
REBECOld stringed instrument with a narrow body