a type of shoe
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Type of light shoe, like a pump.


Type of shoe

LOAFERType of shoe.
OPENTOEType of shoe.
SANDALType of shoe.
CLOGType of shoe.
SABOTType of shoe.
STEPINType of shoe.
BROGUEType of shoe.
BALType of shoe
PUMPType of shoe
SLIPONType of shoe
OPENTOEType of shoe

Type of athletic shoe

Type of shoe fastener
Type of shoe or garment.
BALType of shoe, for short
SNOWType of shoe or storm
BOOTSoccer star's favorite type of shoe?
COPPERPENNYLOAFER...and this type of rust-resistant shoe...
TSTRAPShoe type
FLATShoe type
PUMPShoe type
TAPShoe type
TSTRAPWoman's shoe type
TSTRAPWomen's shoe type