act of floating
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Floating sheet of ice


Mass of floating ice

BERGFloating mass of ice

Particle of floating dust.

Floating speck of dust.
Ingredient of floating island.
FLOEField of floating ice.
FLOESMasses of floating ice.
SARGASSOFloating mass of seaweed.
BERGSFloating masses of ice.
FLOESSheets of floating ice.
PACKKind of floating ice.
FLOESheet of floating ice
SEAICEMasses of floating brine
LILYPADBit of floating foliage
BERGFloating block of ice
ZEROGCause of some floating, briefly
EGGSThe makings of floating island.
SEATTLESite of famous Floating Bridge.
LAKEXOCHIMILCOSite of Mexico's Floating Gardens.
PACKICEFloating mass of frozen water
LILYPADFloating leaf of a bulb plant.
PADFloating leaf of a water lily.
GOSSAMERFilm of cobwebs floating in air.
PAOFloating leaf of a water lily.
DELOSFloating island, birthplace of Apollo and Diana.
COURIER"Voice of America" Coast Guard cutter and floating transmitter.
OCEANArctic ... (where the amount of floating ice has decreased in recent years)
THOMASMusician Dolby who returned in 2011 with "A Map of the Floating City"