Crossword Clue:

an inhabitant of the llanos

AnswerCrossword Clue
STUGood name for an R.V. inhabitant?
ALEUTInhabitant of the Pribilof Islands
EWOKFurry inhabitant of the forest moon of Endor
EDISONAn inventor of the microphone
TIMINGThe when of an event
WRITAn order of the court
MARLAAn ex of the Donald
NAVALLike the forces of an armada
OVALLike the rim of an eyecup
ALLATONCEIn the blink of an eye
REEDYLike the sound of an oboe
AQUAAn official color of the Miami Dolphins
BCCAbbr. at the top of an email
SACHETPouch at the bottom of an armoire
HOWDAHPlatform on the back of an elephant
TINEWhat's the point of an eating utensil?
TUBAPart of the back of an orchestra
COREPart of an apple or the earth
IRISWhat the white of an eye surrounds
SASAn original member of the Star Alliance
MEALYLike the consistency of an old apple
BERTHAName that's an anagram of THE BAR
ATTNAbbr. at the top of an office memo
ADWEEKMagazine with an Agency of the Year award
AZTECMember of an empire ruled by the Mexica
MERGESign at the end of an entrance ramp
ETALAbbr. at the end of an abridged roster
AARRiver near the start of an alphabetical list
BATTERUPUmpire's call at the start of an inning
CEOFig. at the top of an organizational chart
UNSENTLike just the draft of an e-mail
TERRAbbr. on an old map of the West
NINEPINOne standing in the back of an alley
OBSCENELike an over-the-top display of wealth
AREOLASpace between the ribs of an insect wing
CALLLETTERSCorrespondence to the editor of an Allentown newspaper?
ROOMPart of an accusation in the game Clue
TOAStart of the title of many an ode
ONEONCommon situation near the start of an inning
TOAMiddle of the title of many an ode