and yet
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"And yet . . ."

EVENSO"And yet, ..."

And yet: Lat.


... and yet so far.

SONEAR"..., and yet so far"
SONEAR"... and yet so far"
Again and yet again
"So near and yet ..."
SONEAR... and yet so far
ARE"... and yet, here we ..."
ISEE" . . . and yet ... thee still,": Shak.
ADONMythical and yet handsome youth: Latin.
DANNYKAYEAnd yet another "White Christmas" star
TAK'And we'll -- a cup o' kindness yet ...': Burns
ABUD"At once, ..., and yet a rose full-blown."
TAK"And we'll ... a cup o' kindness yet": Burns
ABUD"At once, ..., and yet a rose full-blown": Herrick
RUNNERUPOne who is so close (and yet so far)
LAMEEXCUSES"My gold dress isn't back from the cleaners yet" and others?
WARSI and II, e.g., but not yet III and IV
IVANATrump who authored "The Best Is Yet to Come: Coping with Divorce and Enjoying Life Again"
CHICNile Rodgers band I can't believe aren't in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yet